Duct Systems

  If you live in St. Petersburg, Clearwater, Largo , or Tampa Bay, don’t let anyone replace or repair your HVAC duct system. At Weathermakers, we won’t just replace your ductwork. Our technicians are trained and certified, and will inspect your home and duct system completely. We’ll make sure that your HVAC Duct System is at its optimum level. Our technicians will inspect your home and design a duct system specific to your homes needs!! Many elements and factors go into account for evaluating your home and its specific needs. Our technicians are highly trained and know exactly what to be aware of during these inspections. Based on:
  • Heat Load: (heat sources such as stoves, dryers, & other appliances, insulation value, frequently used doors, and even the amount of people living in your home.)
  • Size of Home: (square foot of living space, hot/cold spots, high ceilings, unconditioned space. And florida rooms)
  • Size of Air Conditioning System: (tonnage, SEER, required CFM value to properly size ductwork to prevent any unnecessary strain or wear and tear on your systems motors and components)
Our duct systems are installed with the upmost care and professionalism, resulting in the best, most efficient airflow possible Weathermakers Duct Systems Features:
  • Highest Quality Materials: (we use only the best and longest lasting class-1 R-6 ductwork, tape, and fasteners available)
  • Highly Trained Technicians: (our techs go through extensive training & stay up to date on all the latest techniques & procedures)
  • Mastic Seal: (sealing and securing any/all register boxes and duct connections)
  • Strapped: (hanging all ductwork & distribution boxes from roof trusses to prevent unnecessary wear and damage)
  • Building Code Requirements: (meeting all city, county, & state code enforcements and requirements)
Why is this important to our home?
  • Insufficient airflow decreases the efficiency of the air conditioning system and could be causing unnecessary damage to your system’s components
  • By installing a system designed specific to your home, you will eliminate potential “hotspots”
  • A new duct system can eliminate odor and helps prevent mold and bacteria from spreading, as well as circulating dust, dirt, and debris in your air
  • Proper airflow can help keep your home at temperature resulting in lower electric bills